Are Amys Burritos Healthy?

Are Amy’s burritos good?

They’re much better cooked in the oven if you have time.

I actually prefer the gluten free tortilla over this one, but this one is still very good.

I’ve had most of the varieties of Amy’s burritos, and this one is a classic.

I actually prefer the gluten free tortilla over this one, but this one is still very good..

Are Amy’s products healthy?

They contain real ingredients, no preservatives, and have excellent nutritional value (as long as you stick to the low sodium variety). Please share your favorite Amy’s meals.

Are El Monterey burritos bad for you?

The worst frozen burritos you can buy El Monterey burritos are definitely more about the flavor than nutrition. This XXL 9-ounce burrito has 640 calories, which is on the higher end of all frozen burrito options. Not to mention, it has an astounding 30 grams of fat with 11 grams of saturated fat.

What is the healthiest frozen food?

The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Frozen DinnersHealthiest: Saffron Road Teriyaki Chicken With Soba Noodles. … Healthiest: Evol Chicken Enchilada Bake. … Healthier: Healthy Choice Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo. … Healthiest: Stouffer’s Fit Kitchen Cali Chicken. … Healthier: Amy’s Light & Lean Black Bean & Cheese Enchilada. … Healthier: Amy’s Sweet & Sour Asian Noodle Bowl.More items…•

What are the best Healthy Choice meals?

12 Good ChoicesCaloriesSodium (mg)Healthy Choice Cajun Shrimp and Chicken240800Smart Ones Rigatoni with Broccoli and Chicken290690Gardenburger Meals Meatless Citrus Glazed Chicken with green beans and rice220610Healthy Choice Mushroom Roasted Beef2806008 more rows

Does Costco sell Amy’s burritos?

Amy’s Cheddar Beans, Rice, and Cheese Burrito from Costco These burritos go from the freezer to a warm, cheesy meal in a few minutes flat. … Each burrito is individually wrapped, which makes for super simpler transport.