Question: Which Johnnie Walker Is The Smoothest?

Is Johnnie Walker Blue worth the money?

It is indeed a bit pricey, but, like me, if you care more about taste than the cost, this is the best Johnnie Walker out there.

Hardly anyone criticizes it for flavour as it is the best.

It only draws flak for its cost.

It’s flavour is truly outstanding and complex, definitely worth at least 100£ if not 150£..

What are the levels of Johnnie Walker?

The players are:Single malt Scotch. Single grain Scotch. … Johnnie Walker Red. This is the range’s “entry level” Scotch. … Johnnie Walker Black. The Johnnie Walker Black contains 30 to 40 different malts. … Johnnie Walker Double Black. … Johnnie Walker Green. … Johnnie Walker Gold. … Johnnie Walker Platinum. … Johnnie Walker Blue.

Which Johnnie Walker label is most expensive?

Johnnie Walker Blue LabelJohnnie Walker Blue Label The Blue Label is the most expensive product sold under the Johnnie Walker name.

Is Johnnie Walker Blue overrated?

Short answer is “no” – it is not worth the price. While a perfectly pleasant whisky, the high end Johnny Walker brands often pale compared to similarly priced but less well marketed spirits. For $200 you can get a really delightful bottle of scotch.

How do you drink Blue Label?

Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ Signature ServeI. To a whisky tumbler.Add 45 ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label Serve with chilled water in a separate tumbler on the side.

What is the best mix for Johnnie Walker Black Label?

Johnnie Walker® Black & SodaI. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.Add 25 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label.Add 75 ml soda water or fill to the top.Garnish with a wedge of lime.

What is the best Johnnie Walker whiskey?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Named World’s Best Blended Scotch Whisky.

What is the difference in Johnnie Walker labels?

Understanding Johnnie Walker’s Labels The thing that distinguishes one expression of Johnnie Walker from another is the color of the label. Each is a different blend of whiskeys aged for a certain amount of time, with the most expensive being the oldest. This can make it a little confusing at the bar.

Is Johnnie Walker Red or Black better?

Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label are standard blends of the Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey. The Johnnie Walker brand is one of the most widely distributed Scotch whiskey all around the world. The Johnnie Walker Red Label has a stronger alcohol sting than the Johnnie Walker Black Label.

What is special about Blue Label?

“Johnnie Walker Blue Label is blended to recreate the authentic taste and character of some of the earliest whisky blends created in the 19th century, giving it a rich, peaty taste combined with a smooth, distinctly malty flavour that will appeal to the most expert palate.

What is the smoothest Scotch Whiskey?

“Best Smooth Scotch”Johnnie Walker Black Label. 4.0 / 5 stars (543 Reviews) … Grangestone Bourbon Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky. … Johnnie Walker Red Label. … Grangestone 12 Yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky. … Balvenie 12 Yr Double Wood. … Carlyle Blended Scotch Whisky. … Shieldaig Speyside Single Malt 12Yr. … Johnnie Walker Double Black.More items…

Why blue label is so expensive?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is blended to recreate the character and taste of some of the earliest whisky blends created in the 19th century. … It is one of the most expensive blended Scotch whiskies on the market, with prices in the range of US$174–450.

Is Double Black better than Black Label?

The strong point of the Black Label is the fact that it is more accessible, easy drinking and smooth with rich peat. It has more fruity notes and is slightly spicier than the Double Black. The Double Black is bolder, more vibrant and more luxurious. Double Black is a more grown-up version of the Black Label whisky.

What is the best Johnnie Walker Color?

While it has some sweet notes, the $109.45 Gold Label was created for smoothness. Johnnie Walker Blue: The most exceptional and rarest whiskies in the world have been selected to make the Blue Label, which is also the most exceptional of all the Scotch Whiskies bearing the Johnnie Walker Colors.

Where is Johnnie Walker made now?

Johnnie Walker had retained a link to its ‘home’ town by being bottled in Kilmarnock, but Walker’s bottling plant there closed in 2012, with production switched to Diageo’s bottling facilities at Leven in Fife and Shieldhall in Glasgow.